The Hotel pricing

The price for the hotel pernight ,perperson is 180.00 due to high fuel cost..and Electricity

Saturday, July 31, 2004

10 mile out from dalnoi point  Posted by Hello
heading home 40 miles away .  Posted by Hello
buying some goodies , bone,dave fox karen, and my niece corrine , that also came along with us for the boat ride .. Posted by Hello
walking up from the docks  Posted by Hello
this is bone (anthony) my oldest brother . walking the floating dock after we ties up the boat . Posted by Hello
this is when we are entering the st.paul; harbor  Posted by Hello
this f/v tamarri , both him and i are head over to st. paul island. and it the trip is a 1hour and 45 minute ride.on a day like this . and we are cruising about 22 mile an hour  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

this is the boss man paul z . going to check on his crew .  Posted by Hello
philbert merculief working on a chop saw  Posted by Hello
peter r , r lekanof ,and james merculief are move moving the scaffling .  Posted by Hello
carl lestenkof and andrew jr. philemonof , are the youngest on the crew Posted by Hello
gilbert kash. larry philemonof,and john philemonof are part of the crew. Posted by Hello
putting up a public ,safety ,and fire station, here on island ..  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

this old power shovel bucket, "rests" on this scora hill after many years working on the roads .. this old powershovel has built my road to the future before my time !! Posted by Hello
this is case 621 , frontend loader that i am operating and load truck with scora . Posted by Hello
buttercup flower. Posted by Hello
totally democratic ,full of sock face Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 25, 2004

this is a young least auklet and it is only few months old . durning the spring time , these are the bird that we wait for . we call them "chuskies" they fly in bunches and we have a swarms of them , these birds make us wait for the summer to beggin . if they arrive late summer,is late and if they are early ,summer comes early and when leave early fall and winter set in. Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 22, 2004

some time, we just have to take it, as we see it , just one day at a time Posted by Hello
this is another clean up crew member . this is mike , just came out the door to see what is taking the rest of the crew , their lovely time .  Posted by Hello
this is paul lestenkof sitting in the 325 "cat" backhoe, and he just broke the sewer line . he is sitting patiencely for the sewer line to be repaired Posted by Hello
on this clean up job for this year 2004 is from noaa is paula, and jim , and from tetra tech is kevin and the other two in the red hard hats is andy kash and aaron merculief, and and for the truck driver is joe lestenkof which he is not in the picture , and as for me i took this picture from inside the 590 backhoe ....  Posted by Hello
this is tony merculief on the D3 dozer. tony is working on contaminated soil leveling it out . the dozer i like to call it a kitty cat  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

this is one of the areas where some birds make there nests on these cliffs to ;;  Posted by Hello
starya , if u look good u can see a shoe foot print, we call it god's left shoe print.  Posted by Hello